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HotDogs fly the flag for SCC on tour to Kowloon

On the weekend of August 22nd and 23rd the DPR HotDogs CC Shanghai Cricket Club visited Hong Kong to play an interport match against Kowloon Cricket Club. With this being the SCC’s first visit to Kowloon since being re-established in 1994 it would have looked good for all those involved in cricket in Shanghai to pull together and make a good showing of ourselves. This was not to be as a city with over 200 playing members could only muster 9 players to represent the SCC. Thankfully, the HotDogs stood up and accounted for 7 members of the touring party (it would have been 8 if Sheikh Manoj had not tripped over a barbie doll and broke his foot). Dayne, Malpy, Danny, James, Nitin and Pete and Alex Todorov all made the trip from the HotDogs.

   Saturday’s game was a 35 over match against Kowloon’s more social players, it’s fair to say the SCC’s performance in the field was also very social with Malpy spilling (that’s being kind) an early chance off of an opening bat who went on to score in the 80’s and Danny serving up some of his delicious half track pies the Kowloon boys were able to put on a score of around 230. Special mention should also go to SCC club captain Dayne for setting a fine example and refusing to bowl for large parts of the innings as he didn’t feel great, this despite repeated claims that this was going to be a dry weekend for himself. He did come on to bowl the final over and claimed 3 wickets, and then strutted around Hong Kong as if he was Glenn McGrath, he would have made 4 in the over but Malpy decided to not catch another one off of the final ball of the innings. The batting innings never got going and consisted of a lot of dot balls, Malpy may or may not have scored a few late on when it didn’t matter and in typical Malpass fashion he managed to upset the opposition by performing his patented joust shot. The highlight of the innings however was Peter Todorov and his prototype Duncan Fearnley being run out by Sid (Pudong CC) in exceptional fashion. Rumours that Pete was still upset in the office on Monday morning are as yet unconfirmed. The innings stumbled to a conclusion on around 200, resulting in a 30 run victory for Kowloon.

   After seeing the performance of the SCC on Saturday it was deemed that they needed strengthening for Sunday’s more serious interport match. In came former Australian ODI player Ryan Campbell (now coach of Kowloon CC) and Adil Mehmood, a fast bowler who recently played for Hong Kong in the ICC T20 World Cup qualifiers. Everyone was back in their best positions for the more competitive match, Alex Todorov was opening the bowling, Dayne was at gully and Malpy sat behind the scorers table (he managed to break a nail in dropping a catch the previous day and was deemed unfit to take the field). A much better bowling performance from all the bowlers, apart from Dayne who struggled with the “sticky” ball(!!!), meant that despite the improved opposition another score of around 230 was set in 35 overs. Lessons had been learned from the previous day and a lot fewer dot balls went into the score book as both Todorov’s post scores in the 30’s, with Pete slightly edging out Alex in the scorebook and knocking over a fielder at mid-off with the sheer power of his antique Duncan Fearnely bat. Ryan Campbell showed his class before retiring at 50, one shot in particular nearly demolished the old clubhouse. Nation was looking to steer SCC to victory but got very little support, including an innings from Malpy, who made a miraculous recovery after being unable to field… Sadly though his support ran out and he finished not out on 25, the SCC again finishing on around 200 to lose again by 30 runs.

All in all a great weekend was had and with more HotDogs being selected for the upcoming matches against Hong Kong CC the DPR Hot Dogs continue to fly the flag for the SCC.


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I forgot to mention the fact that had to retire hurt while batting on Saturday due to cramps... in the thigh, not the menstrual variety. There were fears of a sniper in the highrises surrounding the ground after the way he went down.