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Hot Dogs D1 Vs Bashers CC

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Hotdogs team: 
Hotdogs 2nd team
Hotdogs score: 
111 all out
Opposition team: 
Bashers CC
Opposition score: 
211 after 30 overs

This last weekend (08th May) blessed us Hot Dogs 2nd XI with a splendid game and an outcome that could not have been better for our new squad. It took lot of effort from a closely knitted team to seal the victory. And this we did in style!

Sun cream was out as we were facing initial days of the hot summer in Shanghai. It was a beautiful day for cricket and we were hoping that the sun god bestows his blessings on us. We started by losing the toss and Pudong put us to field upfront. The game started a few minutes before the official scheduled time. Garlen had all-doggy plans to make the opponents' opening batsmen fear seeing him with all the lotion on his face. And he did scare them the very first over, also by applying his "Tuesday-training Techniques of the Ultimate Swinging Medium-pace Attack"! He shortened his run-up, delivered a straighter ball and focused on bowling to the off-side. Rak, standing at point, fumbled a bit but took the catch off the very second delivery of the match to put us on the board before they scored. Garlen did give us the required start by bowling the very first over of the innings as a maiden wicket over. Amit was given the new ball to check if some fast bowling can disturb the rhythm of the players. Amit, however, found it difficult to hold the new ball and went for some wides.

Nathan, with his pace bowling, replaced Amit but was also not able to restrict on wides. Captain Vikas also tried his hands on the ball. He conceded a few boundaries and therefore stood down from the bowling attack. Immediately, to avoid a huge pile of extras, fast bowlers were replaced by the slower ones, which immediately proved fruitful. Rak, returning to form, provided the important breakthrough in his very first over by taking Justin’s wicket (seemingly Pudong's anchor batsman), just as he (Justin) was looking solid and settled. Gavin, who was donning the keeping gloves in good style, took the catch. Rak ultimately finished by taking 3 wickets in his 6 overs, his major strength being a slower looping ball that was difficult to judge in terms of pitch and pace. On the opposite side, Vinay also gave an early breakthrough by taking Santosh’s wicket. From his bowling, Manoj took a brilliant catch standing at the slips, after the ball was deflected off keeper Gavin's gloves. It was clever bowling on the part of Vinay that put breaks on the opponents' scoring. He delivered a consistent line and made sure that his length was on par with his desire to restrict batsmen scoring off his deliveries.

Pudong, consequently, were struggling with facing our slower bowlers. Seeing that, Karthick insisted that he will also bowl a few overs at slower pace. He was right on the money and claimed Ryan’s wicket during his very first over. He, too, bowled brilliantly and finished conceding just 26 runs in his 5 overs. Seeing Karthick, Nathan also rejoined the attack and came up with his slow bowling to take one wicket, with Gavin happily accepting the ball into his gloves after a nick off the batsman's top edge.  Mike injured a finger while bravely diving for a catch in the deep. To the dismay of Hot Dogs, the tenth-wicket partnership did work out well for Pudong which took their score to 183. We did well in taking 9 wickets but we could not restrict them to a lower total. All our first match woes were put aside in this match. We did give some extras but considerably lesser than the previous game. Also, we were able to finish our 30 overs well before time. Our fielding was spot-on and we saw some great dives on the field too.

With our batting innings, the run chase was started by batsmen Vinay and Vikas, a left-right combination. It did affect Pudong's bowlers, who found it difficult to change their line accordingly. Vinay looked to be in great touch when he cruised the ball to the boundary. He could not, however, continue that form for a long time and nicked a ball swinging away from his bat. He did not even wait for the umpire's call on the matter and immediately walked after nicking. The opponents applauded for his sportsmanship - the umpire had not given him out thinking that the swinging ball clipped the pads. This kind of gesture shows the real character of the Hot Dogs. We are really proud of Vinay's behavior.

Gavin came in next and got settled immediately. He hammered James Boot for three fours in one over. Gavin played fantastically to score the first half century for the Hot Dogs in this season. He was judged LBW when he was on 69. Nick, Mike and Manoj did give Gavin the required support to take our batting innings to the depth. A run rate of 6 RPO was required when Garlen and Karthick entered the batting attack. Garlen went on to add 15 crucial runs at the depth which helped the team chase successfully. It was Karthick’s extravagant finishing style that surprised everyone. He came up with two reverse sweeps (which is really rare in the Shanghai league), one of which almost saw the ball go all the way for a boundary. He batted brilliantly and took us to the winning runs with two wickets in hand. Also, a last-minute rush was happening at the sideline as there was some confusion about the winning score, whether it was 183 or 184. But Karthick didn’t give a chance for any kind of dispute and scored a boundary off the penultimate ball.

There were some extraordinary performances from the Hotdog’s: Gavin, batting brilliantly for his 69; Karthik, for his bowling and batting; and Rak's leg spin which gave us 3 important wickets. But, all in all, it was the team effort which gave us this victory.

Amogh was judged MOM from Pudong Side and Gavin from Hotdog’s side. Congratulations, Gavin, you are a deserving MOM.

We are looking good as a unit and we should keep our heads high and try to improve on the areas which do need our attention. This victory is emotionally well-received since Hot Dogs had to rebuild an entirely new team since the 2010 holidays. Well done to all involved, players and administrators!

Signing off on this note and expecting the same support throughout the season and ahead...

Woof woof